Every person is on a journey of growth, whether they know it or not.

In this material, I will relate the things that I have experienced on my journey and what understanding and growth has resulted from them.

What are we growing towards?

It is not, as many believe, just a process of improving ourselves. In a sense, we are perfect already, deep down in the core of our being. But there are things that need to happen to uncover and develop this.

An important aspect of this is self-enquiry: who am I really? – what am I really? – what is the true nature of what is around me?

And more importantly – how did I come to be?

Being in awe of the wonder of creation leads you to realize that all of this didn’t come about by accident; that there is a magnificent design which is the fabric connecting all things together.

This opens you to the presence of beings of a high vibration who are nurturing all of this and to the presence of the Creator of it all.

We are being assisted all the time in this process of change, but often don’t recognize it. The opportunity is there to seek this growth consciously. When you do, the assistance will flood in for you and things will be brought to you to propel you forward. If you can maintain a willingness to be open, then you will be shown; you will feel and know how to proceed.

As you seek this, you will change and will have a beneficial effect on all. The forces driven by greed and the lust for power will be weakened. The tremendous damage they do to people and the natural world will be curbed and eventually stopped.

As you progress, you will find life richer and more fulfilling; this you will feel as something wonderful happening for you.

As your feeling of connectedness grows, you will begin to naturally play your part in restoring humanity to its place as a loving, caring part of Creation.

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