My Journey part 7 – Opening to God

Up until this time, my growth had mainly been what you might call spiritual.
There were many aspects to this: I certainly learned about the subtler aspects
of myself and reality from various teachers. This was augmented by meditative
and other practices; some done in groups, others alone.

I was also becoming much more connected with the natural world and what
science was learning. The more I went into it, the more I realized that all of
this was no accident, that there was some immense intelligence, beyond my
comprehension, that had brought all of this about. The “Theory of Evolution” only
described how species adapted, it did not at all explain how they came to be.

A friend contacted us to tell us of a talk by AJ Miller in Brisbane. This
brought in new descriptions of the levels of the spiritual realms, leading
towards the nature of God. This also introduced the messages brought through by
James Padgett by automatic writing one hundred years ago. They were from people
who had died and were at various levels of development. There were also messages
from Jesus, the apostles and other key historical figures. I  was also introduced to
material channelled from others with great details on progression through the
spiritual realms. AJ Miller believed he was the only reincarnation of Jesus,
which I did not accept. I spent several years doing DVD production for his
group. He is very charismatic and it took too long for me to realize that I was
giving my power away to someone who seemed so much more advanced than I was.
Nevertheless I did learn a lot from him during that period and am

One very important part of that period was learning a lot about emotional
processing. Everyone is injured in various ways as they go through life. Some of
it occurs before we are born and other injuries can be completely suppressed if
they are traumatic enough. I began to go into some of this in his workshops and
also by myself. Things really began to move with facilitators, firstly with a
lady and then the man who had taught her. Karim had an experience in his teens
and searched for its meaning for years. He was trained in Kahuna massage as a
modality. Each of the sessions I had with him produced profound results. He
meditated to prepare himself and call in our spirit guides, talked to me then began.
The massage is of the whole body using warmed oil. He is focused only on
uncovering injuries at the soul level, but works his way down from surface
indicators such as muscle tightness. It can lead to coughing, crying and other
reactions. With each layer of release, you get closer to
experiencing the inner you freed from the debris of those injuries.

The end results varied, usually including a feeling of deep peace. I will
describe only one. Usually how you perceive is very different after a release.
I lay there aware of myself. It was not me looking from outside at my body
nor was it just inner awareness; it was all at once and not differentiated. I
could “see” light being emitted from all parts of my body; various places had
beams of light shining out and a gentle glow emanating as well. A totally new
and unique experience. The teacher “Sailor” Bob Andersen has used the phrase
“self-shining” which is the best way of describing it.

Rayah began to become ill and despite various investigations we did not find
out until late in the process that she had brain cancer. Nothing could be done
to cure the condition at that stage and she passed within two months of having
the diagnosis. Fortunately the doctors and nurses were able to handle her
symptoms fairly well. It was a privilege to be able to go through this process
with her and I am very grateful for the years we did have together. As her time
got closer, there were days when she could not speak, but you could tell that she
was perceiving in a way that was very different. She would see deeply into
someone who came into the room, but was also seeing into other dimensions. By
just being with her, I was sensing some of what she was experiencing.

After that, I was trying to find some direction for my life. Because I had a
computing background, I put several years into trying to learn about internet
marketing. Although I learned the technical aspects and acquired some
facilities, it was not “me”. Some of the facilities will be of use to me later.

In 2014 something very significant happened. I admired some paintings at the
market which had a lot of colour, light and induced a good feeling. The artist gave me a painting
which had been damaged. The next time I saw her, she said she had been “told” to give me a particular edition of the
Bible. Although, I had several Bibles, I never looked at them. We have had quite
a few extended talks since then and this has put me into a whole new phase of my
evolution. What began to happen was that things began to fall away from my life.
The attempt to do internet marketing ceased. Some of the other activities were
curtailed and fell away.

Just after that I was invited to attend a Divine Love Sanctuary Foundation
retreat near my home. The Foundation was started by a Canadian couple, Al and Jeanne Fike.
Al and others channelled messages during the retreat from Celestial beings and
others. There were also discussions and meditations. I met some wonderful people
there including Joseph Babinsky, who had compiled several editions of the Padgett

What had been initiated through meeting the artist, was for me to go beyond
what I had experienced of myself and reality as I knew it, to the Source of all
there is. As I said at the beginning of my story, I had been sent to Sunday
school but I never connected to religious teachings. Witnessing what was done in
the name of religion and some personal experiences pushed me further away.

What I was being led to was a very personal individual opening to God. This
was very difficult for me. I know for others this has been a natural part of
their life. It was also very difficult for me to get to be able to use the name
Jesus. I will not try to cover the details of this process here, but will do so
in other articles.

Each morning, I make my hot lemon drink and sit and communicate through my
journal. Some days this is a profound experience and I am being opened more and
more in this personal way. I am not trying to learn anything externally and read
very little now, even of the Bible. I love what is happening for me.
Experiencing the Presence of God, of Jesus and of others totally aligned with
Divinity now seems the way we are meant to be living. I write in my journal about what is
happening within me and around me and wait for a response. I am fortunate that I
usually receive this in written form, but there are times when I put down my
pen, close my eyes and just experience the communion directly. I also try to include some unstructured meditation during the day.

This is all about giving every individual person the opportunity to become
what they were originally created as. It is a process; but the most glorious
process there is and proceeds apace depending on your willingness to be open, to
let go of the things that no longer serve you and to invite in the communion and
nurturing of those who have never been away from you.

Now that my story has ended; my story can begin.

What I have found is that the most important thing in
life is this opening to the return to who you really are. As we become more
ourselves, we also open more to what it is we are here to do. This can appear to
be very ordinary and that is wonderful. It is not so important what you do as how
you are as you do it. No matter what it is, a most important part of life is to
give some time each day to quietness, to solitude, to inner stillness and to
invite the nurturing that is always available to you. The more people do this,
the more humanity will move towards respect and love for the world of which they
are a part.

I have known for some time that my own contribution is to share my
experiences and what I understand, and to try to help others in this growth
process as my own growth process has been nurtured. I am excited with the
prospect of writing more.

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