Welcome to the blog

For the past twenty years my passion for exploring the spiritual aspect of myself has become much stronger. This growth has involved a combination of learning and experiencing. After a few months of being kept very quiet, I am now being encouraged to share what I understand. This website is one of the vehicles for that. Because development goes on continuously, I will add elements as they arise – as posts or as a component of an article about some topic.

I will also describe the key elements of my life journey and the understanding that has come along the way. These posts are named “My Journey part 1 – <title>” , part 2 etc and it will make more sense to read them in order.

All of this has given me a clearer core understanding of the true nature of myself and reality as we experience it. The expression of this will continue to evolve as I do, but the source of this understanding has a permanence about it which can be sensed but never accurately expressed.

But I can have a go!