My Journey part 4 – Tai Chi, Sai Baba, Training in Spirituality and Sananda

I was beginning to feel that I wanted to do something more structured. I saw an article in a Sydney newspaper about Dr Tennyson Yui, a teacher of Tai Chi. He had learnt from masters in China and had been ballroom dancing champion of Hong Kong. I began learning soft forms of Tai Chi and one martial form. He had created a soft form, Supreme Tai Chi, which drew from traditional forms. As a new student, I learnt the movements mechanically. Then after some time I began to experience something else. As I moved my limbs, I could feel the energy in my limbs but also in the space around my body. The energy involved seemed to have a locus which moved in space with the changing position of my limbs. This was the first time that I had extended my perception to the non-physical dimension while doing a physical activity. This was an important step in the opening up of my perception. Tai Chi also gives many health benefits, as does Qi Gong which I now do.

At this stage of my life, I had a young family. It was while I was standing at the sidelines watching my young son play soccer, that another father suddenly started telling me about nearby meetings of a Sai Baba group. I did not know him and had not introduced the subject. I had seen a brief segment on Sai Baba in a documentary on evidence of the travels of Jesus in India. I began going to the meetings and learning to chant; initially getting tongue-tied with the Sanskrit words. Within a few months I was off to India in a group with my wife. There were so many rich experiences in that journey. The first memorable one was waiting outside at dusk at an airport and feeling transfixed. Our group leader, Ann Audet, had me sit away from the others until I began to function again.

Our group was fortunate to have two interviews with Sai Baba. In one, he manifested a ring for me. The interview room was tiny and I was sitting on the floor next to him.
He was speaking to all of us and said:
“I am a manifestation of God”.
Then he turned to me, tapped me on the knee and said:
“You also are a manifestation of God.
The only difference is that you have not yet realized it.”

This was a very important thing for me and the others to hear, but it did not really hit home until I was given the vision of the creation of my own soul years later – that I described at the beginning of this story. I had a second trip to India seven years later.

Soon after we returned, Ann began having meetings in her home. In addition to the chanting and reading, she also included guided meditation. This was a new experience for me. One member of this group, Trudie Moore, who had the spiritual name Raya, began teaching many aspects of spirituality and invited me to join. So I learned about energy, chakras, auras and many other things; as well as experiencing the guided meditations. She was very talented and I had private sessions with her, where she would channel a being who was appropriate for the work that was being done. After some time she told me it was time to go ahead on my own.

Some years later, I again felt I wanted to be part of a group. Within a week, three separate people told me about Brian Terrill and I joined his group. There were initially just three men named Brian, Brian’s wife Joann and two other women. We used a recorded meditation and Brian would channel questions and answers, sometimes from Sananda. I suggested he channel the meditation as well and we had various Ascended Masters guide us on wonderful journeys. The numbers grew and he moved from a flat to a house then conducted meetings in premises next to Sydney airport where over 100 would attend. I became his sound man and helped with workshops and other events. Brian’s spiritual name was Alton Melchizedek.

Alton went to America to learn the “Flower of Life” meditation technique from Drunvalo Melchizedek. I learnt it here and then began to teach it.

As the numbers grew, Alton was guided to host a smaller group on a different night to the public meeting. The guided meditations progressively furthered our development and led to the exploration of newer aspects of ourselves. It was a wonderful time. The entity guiding us was sometimes one of the Ascended Masters but usually Sananda. I thought of him as holding the Christ Consciousness at a time when I did not have any real connection to Jesus.

I had guidance sessions with Alton but also learned to channel myself with his help and that of Kyeren, who was one of the other women in the original group. I remember the experience of getting the first halting words when I was sufficiently tuned in to hear. This was a very valuable aspect of my growth, because it involves the development of faculties which are normally dormant. After some time I could channel to a small group and convey the words that were being said, but also the feeling that was being sent down; sometimes very intensely.

It was around this time that I had a most important experience. I had been pondering humility and had been looking at where I was in my development compared with some others. I was by myself in a simple meditative state, when I felt a most beautiful loving energy approach me. I knew it was Sananda. Not a word was said, but he just stayed next to me for quite some time. The only way I can describe it, is that he fully saw and acknowledged every aspect of me just as I was. He was seeing me as I was created by God and sharing the seeing with me. As I thought about this later, it was recognizing the inherent magnificence of every being. There was not one shred of ego involved in this. I felt that true humility was not about diminishing yourself (or aggrandizing yourself) but simply seeing the whole you exactly as you are.

This period in the nineties was very rich and intense, and led to the next phase.

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